Astrobiology 2017

[fusion_text]Second announcement has been released by Dr. Patricio Rojo chair of the Local Organizing Committee of Astrobiology 2017.

“We announce that registration is open for Astrobiology 2017.  This
conference will take place in beautiful Chilean Patagonia at Coyhaique
(November 26th-December 1st, 2017).

The astrobiology community in the IAU has the tradition to hold a series
of scientific meetings every three years.  For a truly multidisciplinary
discussion, we welcome researchers at the frontier of science from the
fields of astronomy, planetary and space science, chemistry, biology,
geology, philosophy, sociology and ethical issues, among others.


* Early Registration deadline: May 19th
* Oral contribution submission deadline: July 28th
* Regular registration deadline: Oct 13th
* Poster contribution deadline: Oct 13th
* Late registration deadline: Nov 17th
* Conference starts: Nov 26th


* Star and planet formation
* Extrasolar planets / Habitable zones and habitable planets
* Planets in the solar system / Comets and meteorites
* Prebiotic molecules in the ISM and protoplanetary disks
* Early Earth environments and the emergence of life
* Life in extreme conditions and early life
* Search for life in the Universe
* Societal and ethical issues linked to astrobiology
* Education in Astrobiology


Over 20 superb invited speakers have already confirmed.  The updated
list can be found at:


We are also preparing a two day training school with lectures on
basics of Astrobiology open to all participants.  This school will
precede the conference and take place on Santiago during Friday 24th and
Saturday 25th. There is no extra cost for participants of the conference
but space is limited.  Interested participants of the TS should reserve
a seat during registration.


We expect to be able to provide a reduced number of travel funds for
students. Instructions to apply for it will be provided on the webpage
during coming March.

With best regards,

Patricio Rojo (LOC’s chair)”[/fusion_text]