22-26 OCT – 2017

This annual Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) conference, held in a different location each year, is a forum for astronomers, computer scientists, software engineers, faculty members and students working in areas related to algorithms, software and systems for the acquisition, reduction, analysis, and dissemination of astronomical data.

What Is ADASS?

The ADASS XXVII program will include invited talks, contributed papers, display sessions, tutorials, computer demonstrations, and special interest (“Birds of a Feather” or BoF) meetings.

What to expect?

An important element of the program is to foster communication between developers and users with a range of expertise in the production and use of software and systems.

Where is it?

The 27th edition of ADASS will take place in Santiago de Chile, in October 2017. For the first time, this long running conference will be hosted in Latin America.


Nuria Lorente, Chair (AAO)

Alice Allen (ASCL)
Christophe Arviset (ESA-ESAC)
Pascal Ballester (ESO)
Sebastien Derrière (CDS/France)
Mike Fitzpatrick (NOAO)
Stephen Gwyn (CADC)
Jorge Ibsen (ALMA)
Tony Krueger (STScI)

Kathleen Labrie (Gemini)
Mark Lacy (NRAO)
Jim Lewis (IoA)
Jessica Mink (CFA)
Fabio Pasian (INAF)
Keith Shortridge (K&V)
Mauricio Solar (UTFSM)
Tadafumi Takata (NAOJ)
Peter Teuben (UMD)


  • August 30th Abstract for Tutorial/BoF/Poster, deadline
  • September 30th Final deadline for ready to print poster submission & final announcement (with program)
  • October 16th Preliminary version of manuscripts due
  • October 18th Registration closes
  • October 19th Walk in registration opens
  • October 22-26 ADASS XXVII in Chile
  • October 27-29 IVOA Interoperability Workshop
  • November 30th Final version of manuscripts due